• Building a digitally

    verifiable map

Memora is a Fintech Ecosystem that allows all actors of the arts world - from institutions to collectors - to monetize their assets.

The Memora Protocol uniquely combines digital smart contracts and asset identity tokens for real-world, physical assets with custody, authentication, dispute resolution and transaction warranties. Launching Q3 2022

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Memora NFTs

Private Property NFTs

Establish ownership and provenance of your art collections. Mint your private Memora tokens and make your creations be known!

Phygital Modeling

Capture the state of your asset by modeling your property and increase asset awareness for the Metaverse and Web 3.0 experience.


Enabling expert attestation to build ontological knowledge graphs atop Memora NFTs.

Memora Applications

Memora Exchange

Real world NFT marketplace enabling frictionless trade and disputes resolution to ensure a seamless experience.

Memora DEFI

Enabling financial services for collectors of time.

Memora Social

Powered by verifiable social proofs. Cardfax, Factfax

Phase 1


Phase 2